Olive Tree Adoption

Adopt one of our Trees!

If you are thinking of a unique and unique gift for you, your loved ones and friends, then the adoption of an olive tree from our estate is the best choice!

The benefits of adopting an olive tree are many, both for you and for nature itself.

Ability to choose the tree by yourself and establish a name that you will choose which will be written on a board/sign on the tree.

Sending an adoption certificate with all the necessary information you need for your new acquisition.

Cultivation of the tree with methods that you choose and information about its course (production, development). We send you photos and updates throughout the year.

Possibility to visit any season you wish, either during your summer vacation or at the harvest stage where you will have the opportunity to learn with us to take care of your tree and to pick the fruits of your own olive tree.

Securing an annual quantity of olive oil from your tree and sending it to your place, in the packaging you desire.

Making oil from your own olive is definitely an unforgettable experience. Trust us and you will taste the most delicious olive oil you have ever tasted!


1. Secure an annual amount of oil from your tree
2. Ability to visit any season you wish (during the olive harvest you have the opportunity to learn to care for and pick the fruit of your tree
3. The name of the tree is established by you and hangs on your olive tree
4. We can grow your tree with methods you want
5. We send you material all year round
6. You will receive the adoption package free of charge during the harvest
7. We will be happy to guide you to our traditional olive groves, to our farm, to our vineyard

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