History of the territory


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South of Crete in the prefecture of Heraklion is the fertile plain of Messara, inhabited since ancient times as here dominate two of the most important archaeological sites in the world, Phaistos and Gortyna. In Messara are cultivated mainly olive groves from which most of the olive oil of the island comes. In recent years, near the palace of Phaistos and specifically in the village of Faneromeni where our olive groves are located, an artificial lake “the dam of Faneromeni” has been created in order to irrigate almost the entire plain, giving it breath.

* South of Crete, between the foot of the sacred mountain Psiloritis and the Cretan Sea, is the ancient territory of Phaistos, focusing on the palace of the same name.
* In Phaistos, olive stones were found in Minoan tombs as well as a part of a rudimentary oil mill that was used for the production of olive oil in those years.

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